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Preparation Check-List for On-Location Video Interviews

Recording a video interview on location with the AMA-DC leadership team

When we record video interviews at the guest’s location, it often adds a different and fascinating dimension to the video.  A successful on-location shoot requires careful planning, however, and it is more complicated and time-consuming for us to produce. We need the assistance of our guests to pull it off, but the extra effort is often worth it.

When interviews are conducted at your location, we ask that our participants arrange and provide the items and assistance on this checklist:

  • An appropriate and spacious video interview environment that is relatively free of noise and distractions.  We need access to electrical outlets and the ability to move furniture, if required.
  • Scheduling between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., or in the evenings.
  • Furnishings and props we may require, such as signs, plants, floral arrangements, small tables, and two straight-back chairs (chairs with wheels or that squeak are not good for interviews).
  • Adequate time to set up and break down our equipment.
  • Photo opportunities at your location.
  • Business cards for all participants and helpers.
  • Attention to our comfort. Refreshments, such as ice water, or lunch for mid-day or multiple video interviews.  We are always delighted to be treated to lunch with you in reward for our efforts!
  • Complimentary and convenient parking arrangements. Keep in mind that we transport heavy, professional equipment to video shoots.

Before the video shoot, remember to

  • Notify office colleagues that you will be recording video and ask for as much quiet and as few disruptions as possible during the short time we are in the office (some ambient noise is unavoidable).
  • Close the blinds in the room, if possible.
  • Turn off computers (they buzz), desk phones, and cell phones.
  • Have on hand: makeup (men: lip balm, powder), tissues, a comb or brush, lint brush, and a back-up outfit for yourself.
  • Provide glasses of water for everyone.