Information for Guests

Conversations in Public Relations is a video series and blog featuring informative interviews with Washington, DC area professional communicators.

The show is produced by Mary Fletcher Jones and David Hyson of Fletcher Prince as a service to the public relations, marketing, and advertising community.  Mary Fletcher Jones retains the copyright to all videos, written content, and images.

We interview guests with all levels of expertise in advertising, public relations, design, social media, video — from interns to CEOs.

Participants are not paid for their appearance.  We do not provide video footage to participants and expect participants to honor our copyright to material we produce.  All participants sign a release form allowing us to use their images and video recordings without restriction.

If you would like to appear on the program, please contact us directly by calling (571) 269-7559.


Participation is free.  In addition to providing valuable information to communicators and communications students all over the world, appearing on Conversations in Public Relations is an incredible opportunity for you to showcase your subject matter expertise, promote your business, or bring attention to an important issue or worthy organization.

Your video will enhance your personal brand, and increase search engine results for mentions of your name, as well as for the names and keywords associated with your company, issue, or organization.


Your video(s) may appear on this blog, as well as on YouTube and Facebook.  Others may elect to embed the content on their websites or blogs.  Participation is not a guarantee of publication.

Tips for guests

Watch the videos and familiarize yourself with the objectives of the series, and the tone of this program. Then, think about what information and angle you can provide in your video interview:

  • Timely information on a communications issue.
  • A best practice or success story that informs and educates.  The story associated with a communications honor or award.
  • An insider view or behind-the-scenes look at an organization or event.  Or ask us to cover your event.
  • Tips or advice for communicators on a specific topic.

We expect our prospective guests to

  • Provide a bio, photograph (which we can also take), and background on their topic. High resolution logos and digital photographs related to your interview topic are always appreciated.
  • Have watched at least some of the videos. We rely on our guests to help promote the series.  Subscribe on YouTube and Facebook.
  • Know who we are and what we do. Nothing is more deflating for us than to arrive on a shoot, and hear “So, what do you do?” realizing at that moment that the guest we have carefully researched knows almost nothing about us or our work.  Get to know us, too, Visit
  • Have a plan for promoting their video. At your company, you can mention your company’s participation in the videos in company emails, blogs, Twitter tweets, newsletters, Facebook Page, and meetings.  You can ask your employees to subscribe and comment on posts and videos (especially your video).  This support takes only a few minutes, but it is vital to the success of the series. As a guest on the show, tell us what you specifically commit to do to promote Conversations in Public Relations, or ask us how you can help.
  • Read the articles listed under “Video Tips” in this blog. We need you to wear video-appropriate clothing, for example (no black or stripes).  The articles will help you prepare for your video.

Interviews are conducted at our location in Falls Church, Virginia or at your location.


We bring heavy, professional equipment to video shoots.  When interviews are conducted at your location, we expect you to arrange and provide

  • An appropriate and spacious video interview environment that is relatively free of noise and distractions.
  • Scheduling between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., or in the evenings.
  • Any assistance and props we may require.
  • Adequate time to set up and break down our equipment.
  • Photo opportunities at your location.
  • Business cards for all participants and helpers.
  • Attention to our comfort. Refreshments, such as beverages, snacks, or lunch for mid-day or multiple video interviews are greatly appreciated.
  • Complimentary and convenient parking arrangements at your location.


While the majority of our participants enjoy the experience, we do not often receive feedback or thanks for our efforts after video day.  We greatly appreciate

We love to receive

  • Invitations for lunch or coffee with you.
  • Introductions and networking opportunities.
  • Invitations to your company events and parties.
  • Complimentary event tickets, conference admissions, or two seats at your sponsored event table.
  • Nominations for awards and recognition.

So, what do you think? What did you learn? Comments?

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