About This Series

David Hyson and Mary Fletcher Jones

Conversations in Public Relations features online video interviews with DC-area public relations, advertising, and communications professionals.  The series is produced by Mary Fletcher Jones and David Hyson of Fletcher Prince, and is found on iTunes, YouTube, the Conversations in Public Relations blog, and other sites.

Goals associated with this series include

  • Provide useful and relevant, career-enriching content to the local PR and communications community.
  • Familiarize the PR and advertising community with the contributions and insights of local thought leaders.
  • Promote the profession in a positive, entertaining, and accessible way.

The InvestmentFletcher Prince underwrites the production and promotion expenses of the series as a public service to the local communications community.  Guests do not pay to appear on the program and are not compensated for their appearance.  The videos are distributed free of charge.

Each video in the series represents about 20 hours of work, including scheduling guests, obtaining and resizing photos and logos, writing scripts, guest bios, and show notes, videotaping, editing, creating and inserting graphics and music, formatting for video, previewing with guests, and uploading the final versions to the blog, iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, and other video sharing sites.  Additional hours are spent promoting the show and individual episodes on Twitter, Facebook advertising, postcard mailings, and press releases.

Target Audience: Public relations, marketing communications, and advertising professionals in the Washington, DC area.  However, the podcast is downloaded all over the world and the series has a global group of Facebook fans.

Distribution: YouTube, Blip.TV, Facebook, iTunes, and other free online video distribution channels.  Conversations in Public Relations Blog. The Washington Marketing and PR Examiner.com column.

Promotion: Twitter posts, Facebook Fan page, targeted Facebook paid ads, postcard mailings to public relations and advertising agencies, press releases to local news media/bloggers.

Reach Statistics: Between its launch in January 2009 and August 26, 2010, Conversations in Public Relations videos on YouTube have been viewed more than 20,000 times, and videos have also been viewed through iTunes, Facebook Video, Blip.TV, AOL Video, and Daily Motion. The blog has been viewed more than 26,000 times. The show’s Facebook Page has nearly 200 fans from all over the world, and the show’s Twitter account has more than 500 followers.


2 responses to “About This Series

  1. Mary,

    How do you select the PR professionals you interview? I’d love to chat with you more about being a guest on your show. I’ve talked with everyone from USA Today to the Washingtonian, and what editors find interesting about my retail marketing company, Epps Consulting, is that I am only 23 years old and have had tremendous success since I started my company years ago. I’d love to chat with you! My phone number is 410-248-1133 and my website is eppsconsulting.com.


  2. I am so glad you are interested! I try to select a wide variety of PR professionals, from CEOs to interns to small business owners. Retail marketing would be a fascinating aspect to explore! I’ll contact you about arranging an interview.

    Anyone who is interested in being interviewed is welcome to contact me; always looking for new guests!

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