Conversations in Public Relations is an innovative series of interviews produced by Mary with flawless attention to detail and strategy. I have never been on a series like this but Mary was so instructive and helpful to make my shoot successful. I loved how each part of the interview had so much thought put into it and I would highly recommend anyone who has the honor of being interviewed by Conversations in PR accept.  Meghan Sager, New Media Strategies

Mary does a wonderful job with her Conversations in Public Relations outreach. She makes interviewees feel comfortable, and is able to edit content together to represent the important issues in PR very well. And, the whole experience is just overall fun!  Susan Matthews Apgood, News Generation

I recently had the pleasure to partner with Mary on the Conversations in Public Relations video series. This experience has already begun to show return with positive peer reviews, along with additional offers to speak at conferences. I have had calls from around the county and the exposure has proven to be an invaluable asset to myself personally and Marketwire as a company. This was my first experience shooting a video such as this and due to Mary’s professionalism the experience was 100 times easier than I could have envisioned it being.    Colby Cox, Marketwire

Mary, I love it. Thank you so much for doing this, and I so appreciate you including me in your show.  Carolyn Tieger, Porter Novelli

I’m thrilled with this video, and appreciate all the work that went into putting it together. Thanks so much for including me!  Susan Rink, Rink Strategic Communications

This podcast does a great job of capturing opinions about public relations.   Mary has done a great job of lining up several prominent guests.  Richard Harrington, Rhed Pixel

I’m honored to be included in your new series. It’s destined to be required viewing.  Robert Udowitz, Independent Consultant

Loved what you did… Really wonderful job… You are amazing… So much fun working with you… Thank you very much.  Marilynn Deane Mendell, WinSpin CIC

Thank you for a great opportunity.  It was such fun to do the interviews with you — how nice to have someone treat me like a celebrity and capture my thoughts to share.  Kate Perrin, PRofessional Solutions


So, what do you think? What did you learn? Comments?

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