Makeup for video and photography (VIDEO)

I had to share this new Michelle Phan video with you because she demonstrates many techniques that are important for video, as well as photography.  Pay particular close attention to how she preps her skin, applies foundation, and how she lines her eyes.

As always, men just please keep loose or pressed powder (translucent) on hand, blotting tissues (you can get these at Rite Aid) or regular tissues, and lip balm.  A bronzer is fine, as is some concealer, if needed.

For my ladies who are Conversations in Public Relations guests, keep in mind:

  • For the few days before, prepare your skin with a light exfoliation to remove dead skin cells.  Try the gentle and effective exfoliating scrubs made by Aveeno or Lancome.  And drink plenty of water!  (This is also good advice for men — also, if you can, abstain from alcohol for a couple of days before the shoot. It will make a big difference in your face.)
  • Buy a video-friendly foundation, concealer, and powder (with no SPF, which can reflect in the lights).  You can try Revlon‘s Photo Finish, Rimmel (inexpensive at any drug store), Cargo HD (can be hard to find, try Sephora), or Makeup Forever.  Benefit makes a powder foundation called Get Even which you can use wet or dry and provides good coverage.  You want to even out skin tone without the foundation looking too heavy on your skin, since we shoot in HD (high definition).  Primer will help your makeup smooth on more easily on your skin and will make it last longer. Rimmel makes a good and inexpensive primer.  Buy a concealer that is 1/2 to 1 shade lighter than your complexion tone.
  • Do NOT forget eye brow pencil.  Some of you might not need it, but many ladies over 30 do need a light application of brow pencil.  If you are willing to spend a little more ($22), this brow powder is highly rated and is available from Sephora:
  • If you are over 35, choose matte shadows for your eyes in neutral colors, using a fairly light shade on the lid (to brighten the eyes), unless your complexion is dark.  Clinique has some great shades.  If you are under 35, you can use some shine, but avoid overly metallic looks for video.
  • You don’t have to line the waterline of your eyes, as she does in this video, but it would help if you would wear eyeliner on the lid (a soft smudged line in brown or grey; try Almay eyeliner pencil), as well as mascara.  For sensitive eyes, try Almay mascara, which is what I use.  Otherwise, look into Maybelline Stilletto, which is a well-reviewed and inexpensive mascara (less than $10) or Maybelline Great Lash.
  • Lipsticks should be creamy or matte formulas, not high gloss or metallic.  I also ask my ladies to bring a clear gloss or petroleum jelly which I may have them apply very sparingly to the center of the bottom lip to bring light and attention to the mouth.

So, what do you think? What did you learn? Comments?

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