10 ways to say thank you for your video interview

David Hyson adjusts the camera for the perfect shot

When communications professionals appear on Conversations in Public Relations, they reap many benefits.  Their visibility among a global audience of communicators is increased through the exposure the series provides through blogs, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.  And nothing showcases subject matter expertise like online video does.  A Conversations in Public Relations video is significantly beneficial for a participant’s personal brand and company brand.

Each Conversations in Public Relations video we produce represents about 20 hours of our non-billable time, so expressions of thanks from participants are quite meaningful to David and me.   As communicators, we also value the opportunity to extend our relationships with participants and have access to business development and networking opportunities.

If you have appeared in a Conversations in Public Relations video and feel inclined to tangibly demonstrate your appreciation for our efforts on your behalf, here are some suggestions to consider.

  1. Call us (571) 269-7559 and let us know you have viewed the video.  Tell us what you think and thank us for our time.
  2. Leave a comment on the Conversations in Public Relations YouTube Channel or blog expressing your thoughts about the experience.
  3. Write a recommendation for our work on LinkedIn, under the Conversations in Public Relations section.
  4. Offers us a paid project to work on, or recommend us to someone you know (see the Fletcher Prince website).
  5. Suggest future show topics, and personally introduce us to thought leaders whom you know well for video interviews.
  6. Invite David and me for lunch or coffee with you.
  7. Ask us to speak about social media (YouTube, blogging, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) or marketing at your company or organization.
  8. Invite us to your company events and celebrations.  Maybe we’ll bring a video camera! 🙂
  9. Send us some company SWAG or remember us with a small gift or greeting card around the holidays.
  10. Provide us with two complimentary event tickets, conference admissions, or two seats at your sponsored table.

So, what do you think? What did you learn? Comments?

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