Presenting Steven Mandzik

Steven Mandzik

Steven Mandzik

Steven Mandzik is a guest on Conversations in Public Relations.

Steven Mandzik is the founder of A Clean Life, a local nonprofit organization that educates people about healthy decisions they can make to improve their lives and the environment.

Steven is a passionate evangelist for healthy food choices, including options such as shopping for produce at farmer’s markets in the Washington, DC area.  What is also interesting about Steven is that he has worked in social media, and is now effectively applying those social media skills to promote his cause, including using Twitter and blogs.  Steven’s work is an example of how nonprofit organizations may use social media to promote causes at the grassroots level.

Steven suggests that consumers look to social media sources and communities in addition to mainstream media for informing choices about their health.  He points out that mainstream media tends to be heavily influenced by studies that are underwritten by special interests.  However, social networking communities have useful wisdom and practical advice to share.

Follow Steven on Twitter @robotchampion and @acleanlife.  His blog, which includes a downloadable brochure listing all local farmer’s markets, is found at

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