Presenting Jim Krol, GSA Schedule Expert

Jim Krol, Xenophon Strategies

Jim Krol, Xenophon Strategies

Jim Krol is a guest on Conversations in Public Relations

Jim Krol, Vice President, Xenophon Strategies, has over 11 years of experience in all aspects of marketing communications, including branding, media relations, public affairs, events, and organizational management. From Fortune 500s and pre-IPO start-ups, to Presidential political campaigns and the Executive branch of federal government, he has counseled seasoned executives and led teams from organizations of all sizes developing strategic plans that move the meter on organizational objectives.

Prior to joining Xenophon Strategies, Jim spent three and a half years at the U.S. General Services Administration(GSA) where he served as Deputy Associate Administrator of Communications and Marketing where he was responsible for all national, creative design, branding, public affairs, marketing, and web for the agency. Before his tenure at GSA, he worked on the Bush/Cheney re-election campaign in Michigan, a key battleground state, as the Director of Events and was later promoted to the Deputy Executive Director.

Prior to that, Jim led marketing and sales efforts at a start-up software company specializing in inventory management. Jim started his career in sales and marketing with General Mills as a sales representative in the field and later as a business manager overseeing product sales and marketing in the southwestern U.S.

He received a double major from Hillsdale College in Marketing and History and has won numerous awards including a regional marketing award featuring General Mills’ Box Tops for Education campaign and a Distinguished Service Award from GSA.

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