Presenting Marilynn Deane Mendell

Marilynn Deane MendellMarilynn Deane Mendell was named Washington PR Woman of the Year by Washington Women in Public Relations.  She is the president of WinSpin CIC, Inc., which specializes in branding, and public relations, and change management consulting.

Marilynn’s honors also include awards the 2006 SMPS National & Local, Best Corporate Identity Award.  In 2008, Marilynn won three top national awards for Zweig White.  A regional and national speaker and author, Marilynn has been featured on Good Morning America. Her recent A/E speaking engagements include keynote speaker Zweig White National Conference 2007, AIA Design DC (2006&2007&2008)] AIA CEU speaker, and 2007 NeoCon® East & 2008 NEO CON Chicago, Build Boston 2008, SMPS regional conference 2008.

Marilynn was named New York State Department of Labor Woman of the Year and Everywoman Opportunity Center Woman of the Year in 1988. Nominated 2006 Washington Women in Public Relations as Woman of the Year.  She attended the University of Buffalo, where she earned a BA in Philosophy, Phi Beta Kappa.

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